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This Christmas: in June?

Well, it’s June 2015, and I’m already thinking about Christmas… What? Don’t look at me weird, and pretend I’m not normal…

There are two huge projects that I’m navigating for Christmas 2015. With the amount of expectation on me honestly, my mind hasn’t stopped thinking about Christmas since December 2014. And, while it is quite a bit of work, I love it and enjoy it! It definitely has brought another meaning to that great song lyric: “oh that we would always see such spirit through the year.”

This coming December, I’m serving as one of the Artistic Directors for A Visible Christmas, the premier Christmas concert and tour of Visible Music College. This is a cross-campus endeavor, particularly as I work for Visible’s Chicago campus, and my partner in crime for the show works for the Memphis campus. At any rate, we’re taking this show on road; so I’ll be in Dallas, TX, Memphis, TN, and Chicago, IL within the first week of December 2015. We’re recording an original album, and I will probably have at least one original song of mine on it. I’m beyond excited about it!!

Another massive endeavor I’m working through is the Final Project and culmination for my Masters of Music Performance degree through McNally Smith College of Music. With all hope, I’ll be finished this December, and my project is to launch the platform for my own independent artistry. Basically all that means is I’m creating my own brand, and will begin releasing my own originally written and originally arranged music. My first project release will be in December, and of course, it’s a Christmas album! I’ve been writing and arranging songs since January, and looking to record some time this summer. I’m also beyond excited about this as well!!

So… as I’m working on song selection now, I’d love to know what your favorite songs of the Christmas season are! Let me know what you’d love to hear from me!!


Christmas seriously is my favorite time of the year! I love the fun, and explosion of creativity people jump into… even if it does look like “Christmas at the Griswolds.” I love that sharing and giving happens; seen in multiple ways. I love that people find and celebrate the gift of love itself. I love that people sing about, and share love with others. And, I even love the confrontation of grief, as the reminiscence of loved ones lost reminds us of our own humanity, and to cherish each moment we have.

All of these things that typify experiences at Christmas, even the painful ones should be cherished, particularly to remind us of the goodness in humanity. It really is “the most wonderful time of the year.”

But honestly though, the main reason I love the season of Christmas, is to retell the story of Jesus Christ’s birth.

It really does boil down to that, for me. The game was completely changed with God’s love and redemptive plan for all of humanity… all initiated through this one historic event. Prophets talked about it centuries before it happened…and people have been talking about it centuries since. So, I figure if all of Heaven lit up the sky one random evening in the middle of nowhere, declaring a tiny little baby had been born,… then it’s worth us remembering it… and sharing the story again. God really does love us.

I definitely want to invite you stay tuned for more updates as they come. Both A Visible Christmas and it’s album, as well as my own original Christmas album (fancy name coming!) will be great ways for us to celebrate Christmas together!

That’s all for now. Until next time: Peace.

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