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Now Booking December 2016!


A house party is what it is. You invite people you want to your home for a “Christmas Party.” Curtis brings everything necessary to do some LIVE music IN your home. Space considerations are minimal. A typical living room is completely appropriate. Most of the time is focused on you and your guests having a good time, with music in the background. There will be a window for some spotlighted songs from Curtis, as well as caroling with everyone. Curtis sells CDs afterwards.

Cost: $50 Deposit. $150 suggested gift donation.

Perhaps you have charge over a school assembly, church service, or work event. We can customize any type of performance or ministry time appropriate for you and the type of event. Curtis can perform as a solo act, or involve other musicians. Curtis can lead a caroling time with everyone. Curtis will sell CDs afterwards.

Cost: $100 Deposit. Honorarium starts at $300.

Curtis will perform songs from the album, as well as standard Christmas classics not on the album. The album can be previewed on several online platforms. Simply searching “Just for You” and “Curtis Wayne Hunt” on iTunes, Spotify, or YouTube will get you to the music directly. If you search on, you’ll find the broader portfolio of his work.

Hosting responsibilities can be discussed. But overall, this is meant to be fun and exciting, not stressful! The biggest commitment hosts make are coordinating guest invitations or promotion, and accommodating the physical space.

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