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My approach to coaching musicianship lives somewhere between my own love and calling for music, and my love to see others come alive as they explore it for themselves.  I feel fortunate to be a product of many people investing in me, and I know that it’s my turn to pour into others.

As a teacher, I’ve found the most effective moments have come from a respectful partnership between myself and the student.  With a collaborative approach, I spend time helping my students learn great technique that will help them sing, play piano, or lead a group well.

Teaching great technique is only a foundation for students to eventually explore improvisation so they can make a musical sound uniquely their own.  In every lesson we apply technique to specific genres that are interesting to a student.  Every genre has value, and is worthy of respect.  From my own experiences, I feel confident helping students explore genres like Broadway, Classical, Folk, Gospel, Jazz, Pop, and R&B.

If the student is a child or teenager, I always encourage parents to be present at lessons.  This helps on so many levels; especially, for understanding assignments for when the student is practicing at home.  Weekly progress, action items, and a practice log will be organized into a weekly lesson plan to keep everyone on the same page.  For adult students, establishing realistic practice goals which serve an already full time life will be customized individually.

Here is some general information about how my private coaching actually works:

 lessons or contractual work.
EMAIL me questions.
VIEW my private coaching policies.

$25 – 30 minutes (children ages 6 – 12 only)
$40 – 45 minutes
$50 – 60 minutes


PIANO, 30 minutes (children ages 6 – 12 only)
0:00   Hello!
0:03   Check in and Updates
0:05   Scales and Technical Exercises
0:15   Songs (apply and integrate technique)
0:25   Debrief and discuss assignments
0:30   Goodbye!

* PIANO, 45 minutes
0:00   Hello!
0:03   Check in and Updates
0:05   Scales and Technical Exercises
0:15   Songs (apply and integrate technique)
0:40   Debrief and discuss assignments
0:45   Goodbye!

* VOICE, 60 minutes
0:00   Hello!
0:03   Check in and Updates
0:10   Body stretches and warm up
0:15   Vocal technical exercises
0:30   Songs (apply and integrate technique)
0:55   Debrief and discuss assignments
1:00   Goodbye!

I’m grateful you’re considering me to help you grow in your own musicianship!  I look forward to our work together!


* 45 minute or 60 minute lessons are customized to each individual student, whether voice or piano.

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